AmericanCouncilsResearchFellowships major grants for independent, overseas research and language training

Previously Funded Projects in Southeast Europe

Dana N. Johnson
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Final Report: What will you do here? Dignified Work and the Politics of Mobility in Serbia

Kiran Auerbach
Ph.D. Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Final Report: Political Party Networks and Human Development in Young Democracies: A Municipal Analysis of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dave Wilson
Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
Final Report: Contemporary Music-Making in the Republic of Macedonia: Performing and Sustaining Alternative Nationalist Ideologies

Brenna Miller
Ph.D. Candidate, The Ohio State University
Final Report: Transnational Networks and Bosnian Muslim Identity in Tito’s Yugoslavia
Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Alexandra Sarlo
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Final Report: Expanding National Boundaries: Compatriot Policies in Post-Communist Countries

Anna Matthiesen
Ph.D. Candidate, New School for Social Research
Final Report: Forging Philanthropic Citizenship: Civil Society, Domestic NGOs and Donors in Post-Socialist Serbia

Heidi Cook
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pittsburgh
Final Report: Representing the Peasants: Interwar Depictions of Folk Culture and the "Croatian Question"

Lori Amy
Professor, Georgia Southern University
Final Report: Re-Membering in Transition: Trajectories of Violence, Structures of Denial, and the Struggle for Meaning in Post-Communist Albania

Dr. Laura Olson Osterman
Associate Professor, University of Colorado - Boulder
Final Report: Islamic Revival and Folk Revival among Rural Bulgarian Muslims in the Post-Communist Period

Antje Postema
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago
Final Report: Trauma Narratives and the Politicized Past: Literature, Film and Civil Society in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Rebecca Mueller
Graduate Student, Indiana University
Final Report: Deinstitutionalization and Social Inclusion in Albania

Dr. Victor Friedman
Andrew W. Mellon Professor, University of Chicago
Final Report: Language Contact in the Republic of Macedonia: A Balkan Model of Mutual Multilingualism

Jonathan Eaton
Graduate Student, University of Toronto
Final Report: Language Study: Albanian

Dr. Elizabeth King

Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University
Final Report: Exploring individual and contextual factors of access to HIV prevention services among female sex workers in Belgrade, Serbia

Alexander Groce

Graduate Student, Harvard University
Final Report: Language Study: Croatian

Melissa Witcombe
Graduate Student, Indiana University
Final Report: Language Study: Serbian

Justin Otten

University of Kent
Final Report: Privatisation, development and a changing economy among grape growers in Macedonia’s Tikveš wine region 

Laurel Seely

Ph.D. Candidate, University of California - Santa Cruz

Final Report: Challenges to Nationalism and Fundamentalism in Bosnian Women's Postwar Cultural Production
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cammeron Girvin
Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley

Final Report: Language Study: Serbian

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alphild Dick
University of Kansas

Final Report: Paper Survives Everything:Understanding and Analyzing the Role of Biography as Literary Genre in Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian Literature
Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Amanda Greber
University of Toronto

Final Report: Textbook Cases: Standard Practice and Linguistic Identity in Primary Education


Ramajana Hidic Demirovic

Ph.D. Candidate in History, Indiana University

Final Report: Performing Tradition: Laura Papo Bohoreta and Sephardi Women Identity in Interwar Bosnia

Stela Krasteva
University of California, Los Angeles

Final Report: Neo-Protestantism and Roma Communities in Post-Socialist Bulgaria

Larisa Jasarevic
University of Chicago

Final Report: Intimate Debt: Health, Wealth, and the Making of a New Bosnian State

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dana Phelps
Ph.D. Fellow, Stanford University
Final Report: Re-Imagining Albania: The Politics of Democratization, Religious Revival, and Cultural Heritage in the Pursuit of Global Security

Ruth Trumble
Ph.D. Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Final Report: Deconstructing Layers of Disaster: How the Production and Deployment of Expertise in Previous Crises Shapes the Resilience of States Against Future Crises

Kaitlyn Tucker
Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Chicago
Final Report: Censorship in Yugoslav Philosophy, 1972-1989
Croatia and Serbia

Elana Resnick
Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Final Report: Legacies of Soviet Nuclear Energy and Possibilities of Energy Diversification in Bulgaria

Ruth Trumble
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Final Report: Layers of Inter/national Crises: Assessing Environmental Risk Mitigation in Serbia